The Basement Bookers

An entertaining journey down the road of pro wrestling as seen through the eyes of two best friends of twenty years, and the occasional peek into their wacky lives...or something like that. Wrestling made them friends; lifelong ball-busting made them family.

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Saturday Jul 06, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast and we have your Money In The Bank Picks and Predictions 2024 edition, Here right here on YouTube! And it's not just that we are here to talk about NXT Heatwave and it's not just that we will also have results from last weeks AEW Forbidden Door Pay Per View the best one since the last one! 
00:00 Intro 
03:00 WWE Money In The Bank Picks Begin
30:00 NXT Heave Wave Picks Begin
45:00 AEW Forbidden Door Picks Begin
01:13:21 Title Match Banter
01:15:38 Outro and Thank You with a side of shilling

Saturday Jun 29, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast and this weeks episode we make picks and predictions for Forbidden Door! And it's not just that Paul Heyman has been victimized by The Bloodline and for us it just happened so we did start with that, as always there will be time stamps for you to go straight into the Forbidden Door Picks and Predictions. There will be an additional video containing the Wyatt Sick 6 content, it was mentioned but it never came up. I just wanted it separate so that will be soon and linked below. One more thing my noise canceling decided to go hard so at times my audio cuts out.
00:00 Intro 
02:40 Smackdown Immediate Reaction/Bloodline/Bron Breakker menace
20:21 Forbidden Door Picks begin
47:58 Forbidden Door Picks End
48:01 Thank You and Closing

Tuesday Jun 25, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast and this week are discussing the Wyatt Sick 6 debut and Jacob Fatu joins the Blood Line making his first appearance on WWE Smackdown last Friday. We also Discuss Clash at the Castle and New Basement Champ Rich The Riz,  You know what that means Jer's got a lot to say about CM Punk and it's not pretty, it's covered in fudge! What's Jer got against Jessica Carr ? It Rhymes Punk!
00:00 Introduction
03:05 Wrestling can be anything Spookyween
05:00 Adam Pierce is a stooge 
08:30 Referee Vampire?
13:20 BasementJer Copes
15:38 Rich got worked
19:27 Rich Observations
22:16 Wyatt musings
24:45 Blood Line Stuff
28:10 Early Money In The Bank Picks
33:21 Clash at The Castle review
43:47 Just Trying to be funny guys. 
48:21 Outtro and Thank you

Friday Jun 14, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast and we are back this week with picks and predictions for Clash at The Castle! It's not just that we review some NXT Battleground, a shorty but a goodie. As always thanks for checking us out, if you like what you saw please leave a like if not we thank you for watching anyway.
00:00 Intro 
01:35 Clash at the Castle picks begin
15:08 Ace Steel believes in Joe Hendry
18:04 NXT Battleground review begins
30:08 Battleground End
32:00 Smackdown AJ says Cody is a quitter
36:00 Outro and thank you

Sunday Jun 09, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast and we have here your NXT Battleground Picks and Predictions for this weeks premium live event coming out  beautiful Las Vegas! In this episode we talk about this weeks episode of NXT and make our picks for this weeks event. It's not just that Rich will take us through this weeks episode of AEW and the two of us talk about Raw and Smackdown bits we enjoyed as well as a spirited discussion about the Bloodline and the eventual  Bloodline civil war.
00:00 Introduction
03:40 NXT discussion
14:46 NXT Battleground Picks and Predictions
39:18 AEW Catchup with Rich The Riz
01:00:13 Smackdown stuff
01:04:04 When Roman Comes back

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

What's up it's your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast this week we are talking about King and Queen of the ring and Double or Nothing from over the weekend as well as the most recent episode of NXT the sexy red one. Also Becky Lynch, gone?
00:00 The Whole F'N Show!

Saturday May 25, 2024

Welcome to our King and Queen of the ring/Double or nothing picks and predictions episode! Not only do we have our picks and predictions ready before the big show we officially announce the preshow match for Money Or Nothing! And it's not just that we also introduce a brand new championship for AEW picks the WFC Basement Championship!
00:00 Intro and Money or Nothing Preshow announcement
04:33 Womens Tag Team Match (Preshow?)
05:38 Gunther RKO
07:29 Nia Jax Vs Lyra
08:48 Liv Vs Becky
09:46 IC Triple Threat Match
10:41 Cody Rhodes Logan Paul
13:20 Double or Nothing Picks Begin
30:00 Outro and Thank you

Tuesday May 21, 2024

What’s up it’s your boys The Basement Bookers Podcast! This week we are talking about the cryptic takeover of the WWE Twitch channel by Uncle Howdy maybe. The King and Queen of the ring so far as well as the confusing finish to Nia Jax Vs Jade Cargill. Judgement Day, Liv Morgan and Bloodline saga to be discussed as well! Thank you for checking out the basement bookers podcast! Consider checking us out on YouTube for the visual elements!
00:00 introductions
01:05 Bo Howdy Twitch takeover 
16:22  Monday Night Raw talk
37:07 Talking Smack..Down!
53:39 Outro/Preview

Monday May 13, 2024

What’s up it’s your boys the Basement Bookers Podcast and this week we discuss French Backlash and The Upcoming king and queen of the ring tournament as well as some NXT updates. Is this version of the bloodline shinning already or does it some more time to cook? Who should win the King and Queen of the ring tournament and do you think a title shot should be given to the winners of said crowns. Does Cody versus Logan Paul end in a disqualification or Does Cody walk away with all the gold? Does Logan Paul walk away with all the gold? These are questions.
00:00 Intro NXT Stuff
05:21 Solo line Vs RKKO (Bloodline Business)
16:16 Women’s WWE Title Triple Threat Match
18:49 Men’s World Heavyweight Championship and judgement day coming to an end?
24:14 Women’s Tag Team Championship / Jade and Bianca Convo
31:19 Undisputed WWE Championship match Cody Versus Logan what’s up with that
36:05 Catching up on Dynamite (AEW is good)
39:49 Chucky T may never wrestle gain pray for Chucky T
43:50 Outro and Thanks

Saturday May 04, 2024

What's up it's your boys the Basement Bookers Podcast and this week is Backlash! This weeks episode shorter than normal because we had to get out in time for Backlash. Discussed in todays episode is the rest of the draft and of course our picks for Backlash.
00:00 Intro02:48 Women's TagTeam Championship04:19 RKO KO Vs Bloodline wolf pack06:37 Women's Triple Threat08:07 Priest Vs Jey don't yeet your meat10:37 Cody Vs AJ12:11 WrestleMania 41 scoop?13:45 Draft Part 222:46 Outro and Thanks

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to Basement Booker Podcast #531 this was part 1 of our WWE Draft coverage which was recorded on Friday the 26th right after Smackdown. However due to mental scheduling conflicts you will be seeing this on Tuesday we got some stuff wrong but we will be covering it next episode along with Backlash Picks and or predictions.
00:00 Intro 
00:50 WWE Draft 
37:00 Outro and Thank you

Monday Apr 22, 2024

Welcome to Basement Bookers Podcast episode #533 where we discuss many topics from this week in wrestling! Including Rhea Ripley having to relinquish Her women's world championship due to injury, New Tag Team championship designs and we also discuss the possibility of a women's mid card championship as well as the current chapter in the blood line saga! We also make some picks for the draft 3. 
*If you could draft three people who would you pick and to which show and why?*
00:00 Intro
00:50 Future Endeavors
05:00 Bloodline Storyline
10:39 Naomi Vs Bayley Smackdown
12:13 Women's World Champion
17:30 Sami Zayne Chad Gable drama
20:00 New WWE Tag Team Championships
23:39 Women's Mid card title conversation part again
27:00 A.O.P. is better than our podcast
30:00 They Sheamus cause they ain't us
33:00 Women's Championship battle royale
35:00 Jon Moxley
37:00 Carlito and Santos Smackdown jokes
38:36 A-Town down under
39:00 Short draft picks
47:00 Outro and Thanks

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